Kiwi Man Dies In Pattaya Car Accident

A 65 year old New Zealand man dies in Pattaya car accident. Mr. Frank Brown died in high speed crash with a garbage truck.  He was killed instanly. The garbage truck was parked at the time of the crash. The death has been reported to the New Zealand Embassy

Swiss Man Injured While Driving Motorbike

A 54 year Swiss man was injured while driving his motorbike in Pattaya. The accident happened because he dozed off while driving. He was severely injured and taken to the hospital.

Thai Prime Minister Visits Pattaya

The  Prime Minister of Thailand visited Pattaya to oversee the investigation of the recent Pattaya ferry accident which killed 6 people. She came to Pattaya to help improve the future safety of the port and also visited the injured people which are still in the hospital. She presented them with food baskets.

Australian Man Arrested By Pattaya Police For ATM Fraud

A 42 year old Australian man was arrested for ATM fraud from Siam Commercial Bank. The suspect was found with 271 blank ATM cards and 10,000 Baht. He was also arrested in May 2010 for a theft of a safe-box theft from a hotel. He is being held and waiting for court trial

Pattaya Ferry Captain Arrested

The Pattaya ferry captain was arrested today. He confesses to using drugs while working on the ferry that sunk and killed 6 people.

Tourist Boat Outside Pattaya Sinks! 6 Dead, 100 Injured

A tourist boat sinks outside Pattaya. 6 Dead and 100 injured. The capitain of boat arrested

British Man In Pattaya Commits Suicide

A 65 year old British man was found hanging from a roof beam at in North Pattaya. He was having major prolems with his life. No signs of foul play found

Halloween Comes To Pattaya

A good time was had by tourists and Thais on Walking Street at the many bars and clubs in Pattaya.  Many bars reported good business for Halloween night

500 Baht Fine For Thai Man Who Stabbed German Tourist

A Thai man paid a 500 Baht fine for stabbing a German tourist over fake watches

Shisha & Hookahs Banned From Pattaya Bars

Chonburi governor has banned Shisha and Hookahs from being sold or used in Pattaya bars. Shisha is a molasses based tobacco product which has been sold in Pattaya for many years. Pattaya bars have been issued warnings not to sell or use Shisha or face arrest

Pattaya Watch Seller Attacks German Tourist

A Pattaya watch seller beats up a 70 year old german tourist for not buying his fake watches after he tried some of them on. The Pattaya police were called and found the story true and the crime is under investigation

Police Will Do Major Crackdown On Crime in Pattaya

A new crime crackdown is coming to Pattaya. The royal Thai police will join with the Pattaya police to crackdown on crime in the beachside resort. A new taskforce will help the Pattaya police fight crime in Pattaya. This new crackdown on crime should reduce the number of crimes in Pattaya. This new crackdown will help make Pattaya safe for tourists coming to Pattaya

Woman Dies From Motorbike Accident In South Pattaya

An 18 year old Pattaya woman dies in motorbike accident in South Pattaya. The accident happens around 3:00 AM. The woman motorbike driver was going aganist traffic and hits a another motorbike with Iranian tourists. The motorbike driver dies at accident scene and 3 others are slightly injured

Ladyboy Attacks 2 Japanese Tourists With Knife On Walking Street

Two Japanese tourists were attacked by a Ladyboy with a knife around 3 AM on Walking Street. Both men received knife attacks on their upper body. The wounds were minor and both men went to hospital after reporting knife attack at Pattaya Police station. The Ladyboy is still at large and an arrest warrant has been issued by Pattaya Police

50 Million Baht Fire In South Pattaya Blamed On Electrical Short

A big fire in South Pattaya was blamed on electrical short. The cost of the fire is over 50 million Baht. The fire is under investigation

Big Fire In South Pattaya

A big fire started near walking street in South Pattaya. At least 20 buildings were damaged. No injuries or casualties reported at this time

Shots Fired At Pattaya Checkpoint

A 38 year old man was arrested for not stopping at Pattaya checkpoint. Pattaya police fired shots and man stopped and was found to carry a loaded gun. He is being charged with many offenses and awaits court apperance

Two People Killed In Pattaya On Motorbike

Two Thais were killed in Pattaya motorbike crash

Bangladeshi Man Sells Fake Gold To Pattaya Pawn Shop

A 32 year old Bangladeshi man sells fake gold to local pawn shop in Pattaya. He told Pattaya police he need extra money to pay bills. He was arrested and charged with fraud and is awaiting trial

Iceland Man Cuts Himself In Pattaya

A man from Iceland cuts himself and lost a lot of blood because of personal problems which made him very depressed. He was taken to the hospital in Pattaya

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